Fighting Back Against Police Brutality

Most law enforcement officials are well-respected members of society who have the difficult and stressful job of protecting citizens. Unfortunately, when police officers abuse their power, innocent victims can get hurt.

At Rafii & Nazarian, LLP, in Beverly Hills, we represent victims of police brutality. We are committed to pursuing justice and finding the best solution to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Our Dedication To Protect Your Civil Rights

Pursuing a claim requires in-depth knowledge of civil rights issues and the ability to provide compassion and honest advice about what can be done in your case. As experienced police misconduct lawyers, we know how to address the complex issues related to these cases. We are driven to protect civilians when their rights have been violated by the very people who are supposed to protect them from harm.

Law enforcement misconduct and police brutality can come in many forms, including:

  • Police shootings, including guns being pulled prematurely
  • Excessive force, including unnecessary physical violence
  • Inappropriate use of Tasers
  • Sexual assault
  • Coercion or blackmail
  • Racial profiling

We Will Help You Stand Up Against Police Brutality

Although these types of behaviors by police officials are relatively rare, when they do occur, victims can suffer serious injuries as well as emotional trauma. We understand the importance of protecting your civil rights and will not take our role in your case lightly. We will help you take a stand against police brutality and advocate for your interests when you are feeling broken, mistreated and injured.

Our goal is to protect you and your family after you have been a victim of police brutality in Los Angeles or elsewhere in California. These cases require attention to detail and in-depth knowledge of the issues involved.

We know what to do every step of the way and have obtained successful outcomes in the past for our clients, including a $1 million settlement in a police brutality case against the city of Port Hueneme.

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